Product Care

We believe in making pieces last. Here are our tips to extend the life of your items, while also staying kind to the environment.

Keep it gentle! If hand washing is not an option, keep your washing machine settings at up to 30°C/86°F.

Always, and we really mean always, wash with like colours.

Keep it old school and hang our pieces out to dry. Not only does it keep your clothes safe, but it is also kinder to the environment.

Stain happens, it's okay. Pre treat stains before washing your item by dabbing a small amount of stain remover on the affected area. For darker pieces, we recommend applying a patch test on an inside seam to be extra careful.

Take it easy & keep your iron settings at up to 110°C/230°F

Do not tumble dry. It takes up too much unnecessary energy and it damages your clothes!

Do not dry clean

Do not bleach