About Us

chyll is focused on offering locally produced items with quality, comfort & style. Our design philosophy revolves around flattering cuts, immaculate quality and finishing; all at accessible price points. Run by two moms who want to leave the planet in a good place for future generations: we believe in sourcing sustainably & using recycled materials, reducing carbon emissions & landfill waste. Despite our similarities, both of us have their “I got this” areas. From Emaan’s impeccable organisational skills to Arsha’s exceptional creative eye, we created the best version of chyll, together.

where & how it’s made

Pakistan is known to be one of the top exporters of cotton and knitwear to leading brands around the world. So it made most sense for us to start our journey with local Pakistani production. Not only does this help our non-reliance on imports & carbon footprint, but it also gives a platform for finished Pakistani products out in the international market. We carefully select eco-friendly materials and manufacturing processes that reduce our environmental footprint. As we continue to grow, we feed our research into further innovative materials to make sustainable fashion an integral part of our ethos. Our commitment to sustainability means you can feel as good about wearing our loungewear as you do in it.

causes we support

It’s a scary world out there. There aren’t enough causes to support & donate to. Currently, causes we back & support whenever we can are:
The Citizen’s Foundation: one of Pakistan's leading organizations in the field of education for the less privileged
Mama Baby Fund: An emergency fund based in Karachi, providing mamas and babies with essential medical care and supplies. As we grow, we remain open to embracing and supporting even more initiatives that resonate with our ethos.