To Tuck or Not to Tuck?

The humble t-shirt is a part of everyone’s wardrobe, but when styling a t-shirt, you always wonder whether to tuck it in or leave it untucked. As a loungewear brand that loves different t-shirt cuts, we understand the importance of finding the perfect balance between style and chyll. In this blog post, let’s explore the art of tucking in your t-shirt or leaving it untucked, providing you with style tips for the perfect summer loungewear look. 


Summer outfits have to be about being effortless, comfortable & laid-back.  Leaving your t-shirt untucked gives you a relaxed and effortless look, perfect for those lazy days at home or summer nights out. Untucked t-shirts offer a sense of ease and freedom, enabling you to move comfortably without any constraints (also read as: eating whatever you want while not being worried about the food-baby-bloat after) 🤰🏻🌮. Plus, Our boyfriend tee, boxy crop tee & essential tee all look great untucked! Bonus tip:  If you do decide to tuck later, your t-shirt isn’t creased! 

Tucked In:

Want to look polished in loungewear? Tuck in your t-shirt! A neatly tucked t-shirt instantly elevates your look, giving off a more put-together & sophisticated appearance. This choice is ideal for when you want to feel a bit more stylish without sacrificing comfort & chyll! If you’re looking for a polished look for a night out, try the Essential Tee, or if you want a preppy tuck with your jeans or sweatpants, try the Boyfriend Tee or Boxy Crop Tee. 

The Half-Tuck:

Also known as the French Tuck by Tan France! For those who want to strike a balance between casual and chic, try the half-tuck technique. This involves tucking in just a portion of your t-shirt, typically at the front or side, while leaving the rest untucked. The half-tuck adds a subtle touch of effort without losing the comfortable look & feel of loungewear. 

Consider the T-Shirt Cut:

When deciding whether to tuck in your t-shirt or leave it untucked, consider the cut of the t-shirt itself. Different t-shirt styles lend themselves better to specific styling choices. For instance, a flowy & oversized t-shirt may look better left untucked, while a fitted or cropped t-shirt can be easily tucked in. T-shirts with a slide slit like the Boxy Crop Tee make for an easy half-tuck. 


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